Forensic Psychology is a field of psychology that deals with Human behaviour directly related to law. Forensic Psychological services are the need of an hour and are required by corporate, consultancy firms, private organizations to prevent frauds from happening and avoiding getting into a mess.

Many crimes take place in the corporate world such as deceiving the employer’s, theft in the company, forging documents, sexual abuse. These crimes somehow come to notice at a later stage or completely go unidentified. However, it certainly causes tremendous loss to the employers as along with being cheated themselves, it also defames them. It is here that the organizations can take help of Forensic Psychological Evaluation including Psychological profiling, Polygraph Examination, BEOS,  Layered Voice Analysis, Integrity Testing, etc.


Polygraph or Lie Detector is a technique that measures physiological responses that takes place in a body of the person when he/she is asked questions related to crime in question which indicates whether an individual is deceiving or being truthful. We conduct these lie detector tests in our office as well as in clients place on PAN India. We conduct tests in English, Hindi, Marathi and for other languages we use interpreters. Our Polygraph Expert has more than 12 years of experiences and has solved more than 1000 cases, some of which were extremely high profile and sensitive. Polygraph is most commonly used in cases of Sexual abuse, Infidelity, Theft, Pre-employment & screening, Fraud, Corporate Investigation and Marital Conflict.

Layered Voice Analysis

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) is a security-level technology that was designed for truth verification and the detection of deceit. This technique was developed by Amir Liberman, an Israel scientist in the year 1997.   LVA technology detects and measures the emotional content of human speech, captured live or extracted from recorded audio. The LVA Technology helps identify a subject’s state-of- mind by analyzing key vocal properties in the speech. It identifies various types of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions, creates “emotional signature” of an individual’s speech at a given moment and also detects deceptive motivation, criminal intention, and general credibility by identifying key emotional signatures reflected in the voice.

BEOS Profiling

BEOS Profiling, a make-in India Forensic Psychological technology brought in a revolution in the field of Forensic Psychology by changing the entire dynamics of a Lie Detection System. BEOS is a technique for extracting a signature of remembrance from the electrical oscillations recorded from the brain of a subject, while listening to probes, which contain references to the activity. The signature has been called the “Experiential Knowledge’’ (EK) of remembrance of the activity referred by the probe. BEOS is used in a variety of criminal cases right from murder to theft to frauds.

Integrity testing

In any organization, employee is a valuable asset in which an organization invests. We are all aware that “Investment are subjected to market risks, so please invest carefully in your assets.” Integrity testing before employing becomes a single most important criteria for investment. Integrity tests mainly try to measure honesty, ethics of an individual and also try to predict unwanted behaviour. John Wooden quotes (showing 1-30 of 198) “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Research has shown integrity testing is a better form of assessment than other tools as these tests are cost effective and not much biased.

Victim/witness Counseling

When any crime takes place, the most emotionally impacted individual is the victim who needs continues support and psychological support. Further, both the victim as well as witness needs counselling to stand in the court and face the accused, which in itself needs lot of courage and inner strength. Our Forensic Psychologists are trained to provide psycho-therapeutic counseling for victim/witness so as to help them face the legal system as well as society.

Psychological Autopsy

Psychological Autopsy is a retrospective psycho-social examination of a descendent to the time of his or her death (Moses, 2012). It is an extension of Victimology (Turvey B., 2008) that reconstructs the deceased’s psychological state before his or her death. The concept and technique of the psychological autopsy was developed by Dr. Edwin S. Shneidman who defined the psychological autopsy as: “A behavioral scientific impartial investigation of the psychological (motivational, intentional) aspects of a particular death. It legitimately conducts interviews (with a variety of people who knew the decedent) and examines personal documents (suicidal notes, diaries, and letters) and other materials (including autopsy and police reports) that are relevant to the role in the individual‟s death” (Sampath 2007). Ebert (1987) described psychological autopsy (PA) as a process designed to assess a variety of factors, including behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and relationships, of an individual who is deceased. It was developed originally as a means of resolving equivocal deaths. Lighthouse Team is well trained in conducting psychological autopsies and have also reported cases pertaining to it.

Criminal Profiling/ Offender Profiling

Criminal or Offender profiling is a scientific way to help investigators predict the profile an offender. The basic premise of the criminal profiling is that offender directly or indirectly leaves a mark on the crime scene. The psychologist or behavioral analyst analyzes the crime scene and analyzes the behavioural patterns of the crime scene to create a profiler. Lighthouse Psychological Team is well versed with this process and have profiled offenders in many criminal cases.


Choosing a career is an important aspect of an individual’s life and it is especially difficult for a high school student to predict what type of training or education is going to be appropriate after high school.

Lighthouse Career Guidance Programs is designed to help and guide individuals in making right decisions for their careers with the help of Career Assessment programs which include Assessments for General Mental Ability, Aptitude Testing, Interest and Personality Inventories and one Individual Counselling Session. We offer tailor-made modules as per the requirement of our client and give them the best module which fits in their budget and at the same time give them effective solutions.


Assessments are used to measure various aspects of an individual based on sound scientific and theoretical background. Assessments are used to measure intellectual capabilities, attitudes, value systems, aptitude, personality characteristics, behavioral indicators and many more.

These assessments are also used to measure individual’s strengths and weakness and giving them  insight into career maps. Assessments are required in each and every field right from recruitment to promotions in organizational set-up, to mapping intelligence, aptitude, etc in school as well as for general population as well.


Employees are the bread earners and assets for any organization and taking care of employees is one of the most important responsibilities of any organization. It is a well know fact that employees spend most of their time in the organization as compared to the time they spend with their family. It is well known fact that during such times they are bound to face issues that prevents them from giving 100% to the organization. This in an indirect way is harmful to the organization’s psyche. Lighthouse Psychological consultancy provides various solutions through their expertise to the organizations  which would transform the work culture of the organization and increase productivity.

Training & Workshops

Training and workshops are the need of an hour and are required in every sphere of life. Lighthouse Trainers are thorough professionals with years of hands-on experience in behavioural trainings.  Lighthouse training modules are unique and are specifically designed considering the core mind brain principles.

Employee Counselling Programs

According to Richard Branson, “If you take care of your employees,
they will in turn take care of your business.” Employees are ultimately human beings who at every step may be facing conflicting situations either on personal or professional front. It is also a necessary that they get some vent to express their feelings and emotions and get help to cope in such situation. Ultimately, a happy employee is going to bring in prosperity and an unhappy employee would be bringing unproductive business. Employee Counselling is conducted at the cost of the employer to help their employees release stress; cope with difficult situations and in-turn increase productivity. Lighthouse Psychological Team provides counselling programs for employees that help them resolving conflict and self-learn in the process.

Career Development Management Programs

Career development and Management programs are the basic necessities nowadays for continuous growth of an employee as well as increase productivity for the organization. Lighthouse team by using various assessment tools and methods helps develop concrete individual career maps which match up to the vision and mission of an organization. These career development and management plans help organization conquer its targets and also help employees achieve their personal and professional goals.

Behavioral Performance Enhancement Training Programs for Corporate

Performance gap is a common phenomenon in any organization. Targets set by the employers almost every time surpass the employee performance. Equally important is the fact that this gap needs to be fulfilled which would otherwise lead to unwanted behaviours for both the employees as well as the employers.
Lighthouse Psychological team designs training programs after studying the organizational culture, goals and missions of the organizations and also conduct pre-post assessment to study the impacts of the training program.


Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws, and plays an important role in criminal justice system. In collaboration with Forensic Synergist  we provide a wide range of Forensic services for both defence and prosecution teams, covering various domains whether it is a relatively straight forward Forensic examination of Questioned Documents; Forensic Examination of Fingerprints; Forensic examination of handwriting and signature problem or a much more complicated series of issues requiring the application of many of the forensic services available with us

Our team of experts is prepared to provide each client with the most comprehensive examination process and Forensic Report as far as possible. We also promote Forensics and its importance, also make an effort in introducing it to the world by imparting seminars and training by our eminent Forensic experts to people, society and especially the young students.

Handwriting/Signature Identification & Verification

Forensic examination of handwriting & signatures in order to identify a forgery if present. We are regularly called upon to provide our Forensic Report (expert opinion) which is effective and reliable in such cases.

Document Fraud Detection & Investigation

Forensic examination of fraudulent document involves analysis in order to identify forged document. Forensic report is provided, which prominently features in the court as an evidence at many criminal trials.

Fingerprinting for Police Clearance Certificates & VISA immigration

Fingerprinting for Police Clearance Certificates & VISA immigration is run by our expe­ri­enced forensic pro­fes­sion­ in taking and exam­in­ing fin­ger­prints.  Where, Applicants have to submit fingerprints to request a criminal record check.

Graphology* [ Know about your personality from your handwriting]

Handwriting is a universal skill that does not discriminate against sex, race, colour or creed. Graphology gives an unbiased outline of the unique personality and behavior of an individual, without them even being present.

Stylometry [Unknown email or text authorship attribution]

Forensic stylometry has been used to discover the writings of authors ranging from ancient to modern. This is often used to attribute authorship to anonymous or disputed documents and also tracing anonymous e-mails on computer.

Cyber Forensic Investigation / Incident Response solutions

Cyber Forensics Investigation services are designed to provide government level Cyber Forensic Investigation and Cyber Incident Response (CIR) capability to both Government: Corporate and private Clients.

On-site & laboratory forensic imaging & analysis

Our team can conduct digital forensics image collection & analysis at our forensic laboratories or at Client sites same standards as required. We have a full forensics capability and can deliver these services globally.

E-Discovery collection / Search & Seizure services

Our team has experience in collecting, recording, analyzing and evaluating digital evidence from crime scenes, business environments & private residences. We are able to assist lawyers & other agencies during the execution of a Search & Seizure Orders.

Mobile Forensics

Cell phones and mobile devices can prove to be valuable sources of information in many types of investigations.  Our team provides unsurpassed expert services in this area of Mobile Forensics.

Forensic Data recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services provided by our computer forensic experts to attorneys, businesses & individuals.  We collect, preserve, and analyze evidence in criminal and civil cases.

Audio/Video Forensics

Our expertise in audio and video forensics can help you in authentication & identification to build a case or answer any specific questions you might have regarding Recorded Evidence.