Lighthouse Psychological consultancy aims to serve as a navigational aid by emitting light in darkness and help discovering a new self. It offers a gamut of psychological services aimed at better understanding human behavior at enhancing individual potential to cope & excel in this society. All the services offered are constantly monitored and updated for progress and effectiveness. Feedback is regularly obtained on all tasks undertaken and periodically evaluated for not only ensuring maintenance of desired standards but also for development purposes. Systems and technologies are judiciously employed in order to provide high levels of efficiency.


Dr. Deepti Puranik, Founder

Lighthouse Psychological Consultancy is a Brainchild of Dr. Deepti Puranik, a Psychologist with 18 years of extensive experience in applying psychology in diverse fields that focuses on personal growth. After completing her post graduation in psychology from Mumbai University and post-graduate diploma in psychological counseling, she completed her PhD from Mumbai University and Diploma in Training & Development. She has worked with reputed organizations over the last 18 years. She is also part of editorial board of International Journal of Indian Psychology. She is also an associate member of British and European Polygraph Association. Her special interest in social behavior has led her to work with people from diverse socio-cultural background carrying out psychological assessments and interventions. She worked extensively with different age groups conducting workshops aiming at bringing about positive changes in their lives. She has a number of publications in her credit other than the papers presented at both national as well as international conferences. She is known for her accuracy and the keen interest she takes in understanding the specific problems of her clients. As a dynamic person, she stands out for her honesty, dedication and commitment to deliver social values in her work.

Ms. Prajakta Alphonse

Ms. Prajakta Alphonse, a Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor has more than 5 years of immense experience in her field. She is currently pursuing her PhD. Through her career she has worked with criminals, children, adolescents and adults. She works as a counsellor for Suicide Prevention cases,  Marital assessment and counselling. She is a Lecturer and Counsellor in colleges and schools. She specializes in clinical assessment and has considerable experience in Counseling. She conducts workshops for students, parents and teachers. She conducts Stress management and Career counselling workshops at individual and group level. She has assisted Polygraph testing in a reputed government organization. She is a good in rapport building, listening, is empathetic and has good interpersonal skills.